If you are interested in applying for the Engineering for One Planet Mini-Grant Program, feel free to review the application questions on this page and prepare your responses in advance. In addition to the program-specific questions below, the applications includes demographic and institutional questions. Please note, only faculty teams (not individuals) are eligible for this $8000 grant.  The bulk of activity will take place Summer 2023 for course modifications in Fall 2023.

Please review the program goals and requirements and the EOP Framework before submitting your application

The deadline for submitting this application is Friday, February 3, 2023. View application questions for Cohort II below.

Policy Acknowledgements

It is the intent of the program sponsor, The Lemelson Foundation, to fund curricular change initiatives that accelerate the infusion of environmental and social sustainability in college programs. If you are selected as an awardee of a mini-grant, then funds will be disbursed to your institution, who will then make them available to you. To optimize impact, we have adopted the funder’s policy of limiting institutions to taking a maximum of 15% indirect from the mini-grant funding. If you are selected as an awardee, then you must agree to this policy.

Curricular Change Initiative Proposal Information

    • What are you and/or your institution doing to engage in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice efforts?
    • What does the concept of sustainability mean to you?
    • How are you and/or your institution integrating the concept of sustainability into engineering curricula currently?
    • What idea(s) do you have for using the EOP Framework to magnify the focus on sustainability in engineering programming at your institution? Please reference the EOP Framework in your response.
    • Elaborate on the feasibility of implementing your proposed idea(s) (described in your response to the last question. (e.g., How could you engage leadership to garner support?)
    • How do you envision that your proposed idea(s) for curricular change will impact students? Will others be impacted too? Please elaborate.

Background Information

During an Online Symposium next Wednesday, January 25, 2023, the inaugural ASEE EOP-MGP cohort will present posters to showcase their project work. A representative from our sponsoring organization, The Lemelson Foundation, will also share a few words about the EOP initiative. Join us from 1-3PM ET!