The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) is excited to announce the 13 awardees of its Engineering for One Planet Mini-Grants Program (EOP MGP). Teams of educators from diverse engineering programs were each awarded $8,000 to pursue new ways to integrate sustainability into their programs. ASEE received more than 100 applications for 10 awards — and added three awards to accommodate strong demand.  

EOP recognizes the importance of including people from historically marginalized and low-income communities who are disproportionately negatively affected by climate and environmental degradation as partners in creating change. As such, a key goal of the EOP MGP was to engage diverse faculty and institutions. Five of the 13 grants were awarded to Minority-Serving Institutions as follows: Two Historically Black Colleges and Universities; and three Hispanic-Serving Institutions — one of which is also an Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution. The teams are geographically dispersed and represent a mix of institutional sizes and programs, including engineering and non-engineering disciplines. Faculty are also ethnically and racially diverse.  


Lanju Mei

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Juan Lucena_headshot

Juan Lucena

Colorado School of Mines


Gamini Mendis

Penn State-Behrend


Tyler Smith

Bradley University


David Wagner

San Jose State University

Alireza Mohammadi_headshot

Alireza Mohammadi

University Of Michigan – Dearborn

Samir Rawashdeh_headshot

Samir Rawashdeh

University Of Michigan – Dearborn


Li Chen

University of the District of Columbia

Amanda Bao_headshot

Amanda Bao

Rochester Institute of Technology

Yewande Abraham_headshot

Yewande Abraham

Rochester Institute of Technology

Robby Sanders_headshot

Robby Sanders

Tennessee Tech

Pedro Arce_headshot

Pedro E. Arce

Tennessee Tech

Jones, Erick_headshot

Erick C. Jones Jr. 

University of Texas – Arlington

ArtCenter College of Design
Babette Strausse_headshot

Babette Strausse

Heidrun Mumper-Drumm_headshot

Heidrun Mumper – Drumm

Jonathan Abarbanel_headshot

Jonathan Abarbanel

University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
Ivan Baiges_headshot

Ivan Baiges

Ivonne Rodriguez_headshot

Ivonne Rodriguez

Medina Aviles-Lourdes_headshot

Medina Aviles – Lourdes

Nayda Santiago_headshot

Nayda Santiago


Christopher Papadopoulos

Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Wade-Berg_headshot

Jennifer Wade – Berg

Kadian Callahan_headshot

Kadian Callahan

Kimberly Gardner_headshot

Kimberly Gardner

Michele Head_headshot

Michele Head

Preethi Titu_headshot

Preethi Titu

Roneisha Worthy_headshot

Roneisha Worthy